Blue Matter provides its services across a range of therapeutic areas.  However, we bring especially deep expertise in oncology.

Oncology Innovation Brings Commercial Challenges

The rate of innovation in oncology is impressive, particularly in areas related to immuno-oncology.  All this change brings new challenges for commercial leaders in biopharmaceutical companies.

Consider this:  Immuno-oncology products have the potential to work across a wide range of cancers and tumor types.  They also can often be used as a monotherapy, or partnered with other products in combination.  There are myriad permutations that could be considered.  Given that resources and time are limited, it can be extremely difficult for planners to determine where and how to make development and commercial investments.

Today’s rapid innovation also causes challenges for oncologists.  The sheer volume of available data is creating an information overload problem for them.  Successful companies must be able to cut through that and communicate effectively with their customer groups.

Blue Matter is committed to helping clients make the right strategic decisions on the front-end, and then communicate effectively with customer groups on the back-end.

Oncology-Related Services

Blue Matter applies its full range of services to oncology products. However, we customize our tools and approaches, and leverage in-depth oncology expertise that you won’t find with less specialized teams. Our oncology-related services encompass

  • New Product Planning
  • Commercial Strategy Development
  • Global/Local Launch Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Planning
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Therapeutic and/or Disease Area Strategy
  • Portfolio and/or Franchise Strategy
  • Company Strategy and Organizational Models

Value Proposition in Oncology

Our value proposition in oncology encompasses four key elements, all of which combine to deliver clients the most effective strategic support available:

  1. Deep Scientific Expertise – Knowledge of cancer pathology, diagnostics, and spectrum of therapeutic MOAs
  2. Broad Commercial Experience – Understanding of oncology global market dynamics and commercial implications
  3. Customized Methods and Tools – Oncology-specific methods and tools, including launch roadmaps, patient journey models, and commercial models
  4. Specialized Team – Oncology industry experts, PhDs and MDs with a dedicated focus on oncology engagements

Oncology Experience

Our oncology experience includes:

More than 200 oncology projects in the last 5 years alone

  • US, EU, and global projects
  • More than 20 tumor types
  • More than 50 products, including
    • Immunotherapies (aPD1/aPDL1, aCTLA4, novel IO)
    • Biomarker Directed Therapies (EGFRi, ALKi, PARPi, BRAFi)
    • Other Targeted Therapies (VEGFi, PI3Ki, mTORi, CDK4/6, BTKi)
    • Diagnostics (Molecular Dx, Companion Dx)
    • Novel Chemotherapies
  • Diversity of project types
    • Launch (40%)
    • New Product Planning (20%)
    • Brand / Lifecycle Planning (20%)
    • Portfolio / Company Strategy (20%)
  • Breadth of functional expertise
    • Marketing / Commercial (50%)
    • Access (10%)
    • Medical Affairs (20%)
    • Corporate or Business Development (10%)
    • R&D (10%)

Given our specialized team and deep focus on oncology, Blue Matter can be your ideal partner for oncology product commercialization.


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