White Paper:

Dealing with the Constant State of Launch in Oncology

The launch frequency for oncology products has increased significantly over the last several years. While this trend is seen in other therapeutic areas, the combination of factors driving this in oncology are somewhat unique and are related to the current rapid pace of innovation in oncology therapeutics.

In today’s environment, individual products will often launch numerous times—and more frequently—over their life cycles, as they secure ap­provals in additional sub-populations within a given tumor type, or in new tumor types altogether. This sets up a relatively unique dynamic in which commercial organizations must remain in a constant state of launch readi­ness, develop efficient systems for staying abreast of the rapidly evolving situation, quickly develop clinical and commercial strategic plans, engage with partners and allies, and execute multiple launches.

This paper explores the drivers of increased launch frequency.  It also provides guidance to help commercial organizations successfully manage a “constant state of launch”

Key Contents:

  1. Drivers of Increased Launch Frequency for an Individual Drug
  2. The Constantly Evolving Launch Situation
  3. Implications for Strategic Planning
  4. Operational Implications: Launch Excellence
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