White Paper:

Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward

Until recently, cancer treatments for advanced disease were palliative in nature, seeking to reduce tumor burden and prolong life. Curing metastatic disease was not considered possible. But over the past few decades, a new class of cancer treatments has demonstrated curative potential even in late stage patients: cancer immunotherapies.

So far, the approved “checkpoint inhibitor” cancer immunotherapies have been successful in only a subset of tumor types and patients. However, the landscape is expanding to include several new and promising types of immunotherapies, such as cell-based immunotherapies, cancer viruses, and personalized vaccines.

This paper provides an overview of cancer immunity and how key cell-based immunotherapies work.  It also provides a look ahead at their commercial potential.

Key Contents:

  1. Cancer Immunity: How the Immune System Can Attack Cancer
  2. Cancer Immunotherapy: How Therapeutic Interventions Can Trigger and / or Boost Cancer Immunity
  3. Cell-Based Immunotherapy Classes and Characteristics
    1. CAR-T
    2. TCR
    3. TILs
    4. DC Vaccines
  4. Commercial Opportunity and Challenges
  5. Development and Commercial Outlook
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