White Paper:

Achieving Differentiation in the Complex Oncology Market

Given the extremely competitive nature of the oncology market, it’s sometimes very difficult for a product to demonstrate clear clinical differentiation.  Data for agents within the same mechanistic class—or from different classes—may look similar and/or be difficult to compare.  In addition, more frequent launches mean that commercial teams typically have less time to entrench their brands prior to the entrance of new competitors.

In this challenging environment, companies must find other means to differentiate outside of clinical data.  One way is for a company (or a brand) to differentiate based on how it engages with all of the customer groups that are relevant to it.  A company can do this by maximizing the end-to-end experience each group has with the product:  from understanding the disease to treatment selection, all the way through administration, reimbursement, monitoring, and follow-up.

In this paper, we explore the key stakeholder groups that biopharma companies most often engage with in oncology.  We describe their typical needs and challenges and outline a process that companies can use to address them head-on.

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