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Precision Medicine Part III: Co-Evolution of Diagnostics and Pharma Development
April 23, 2019

Better integration of personalized cancer treatments into clinical practice will immensely improve outcomes for patients. But, to achieve the full potential of precision medicine, both pharma and diagnostics must accelerate and broaden their scope of precision medicine beyond their currently limited settings and ensure successful integration into clinical practice. In this installment, we will explore …

Precision Medicine Part II: Current Utility and Challenges in the Clinic
April 8, 2019

Over the past few decades in oncology, targeted therapies—and the tests that identify which tumors will be sensitive to them—have significantly advanced the standard of care in several key settings. However, precision medicine will not achieve its full potential in oncology without broader success in pharmaceutical and diagnostic development, and better integration of both into …

Precision Medicine Part I: The Science Behind Molecular Testing
March 18, 2019

Since scientists first sequenced the human genome nearly 20 years ago, we have all been increasingly enthusiastic about the potential for precision medicine to better diagnose and treat diseases. In oncology, targeted therapies against specific mutations have already demonstrated this promise, though only in the relatively limited settings where these therapies exist and testing is …

Building a Winning Differentiation Strategy in Oncology: Maximizing the End-to-End Stakeholder Experience
March 7, 2019

Part Four in a Series on Oncology Product Commercialization As we’ve written before, oncology launches are occurring more frequently, largely due to a rapidly evolving understanding of disease biology and massive investments in oncology research and development.  As a result, many indications are becoming more complex and competitive, with a greater number of approved molecules …

Helping in the Fight Against Lung Cancer: The Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
February 11, 2019

At Blue Matter, we love what we do.  The work is interesting, and we always feel like we’re learning something new. There’s also a sense that, in our own small way, we’re joining in the fight against some of the world’s worst diseases.  Our team members have a passion for the areas in which they …

Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward, Part Two
January 21, 2019

Part Two of a Two-Part Series:  Commercial Opportunity, Challenges, and Outlook In Part One of this series, we provided an overview of how the immune system can fight cancer, as well as the reasons it can sometimes fail in the effort.  In addition, we explored an extremely interesting class of therapies that show great promise …

Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward, Part One
January 18, 2019

Part One of a Two-Part Series:  How Cancer Immunity Works & Types of Cell-Based Immunotherapy Until recently, cancer treatments for advanced disease were palliative in nature, seeking to reduce tumor burden and prolong life.  Curing metastatic disease was not considered possible. But over the past few decades, a new class of cancer treatments has demonstrated curative …

The Complex Oncology Audience
December 13, 2018

Part Three in a Six-Part Series on Oncology Product Commercialization In Part One of this series, we outlined five commercial challenges in oncology that biopharma decision-makers must face.  Part Two dealt with the first of those challenges, the “constant state of launch” that now exists in oncology.  In this installment, we introduce the complex array …

Dealing with the Constant State of Launch in Oncology
November 7, 2018

Part Two in a Six-Part Series on Oncology Product Commercialization In Part One, we mentioned that the launch frequency for oncology products has increased significantly over the last several years.  While this trend is seen in other therapeutic areas across the industry, we believe the combination of factors driving this in oncology are somewhat unique …

Solving Oncology Commercialization Challenges
Key Commercial Challenges in Oncology
September 20, 2018

Part One in a Six-Part Series on Oncology Product Commercialization The oncology market continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, with worldwide revenues expected to increase from $104B in 2017 to $233B in 20241. Fueling this revenue growth is a rich pipeline, with more than 700 molecules in late-stage development – a 60% increase from …

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