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How are Rare Diseases Different from Rare Oncology and Specialty Diseases and What are the Implications for Companies?
February 26, 2020

Rare vs. Specialty Diseases: Are They the Same? We’ve often been asked what the differences are between rare diseases and “specialty diseases” and/or rare cancers.  After all, these three types of disease share some similar characteristics.  For example, they’re often complex, require higher-cost and “higher touch” treatments, and a high degree of knowledge and specialization.  …

Show Me the Value: Understanding the Payer Landscape and Engaging with Payers in Europe
February 24, 2020

Basic and Essential For any biopharma company planning an initial move into Europe, there are myriad issues to address, as this series outlines.  One of the most important is ensuring that a company’s product(s) will be reimbursed by the various national payers that exist throughout European markets.  It’s a basic truth:  Payers are vital to …

Europe is Not a Country: Defining the launch sequence and market-specific strategies for a diverse Europe
February 19, 2020

Why a Europe-Tailored Strategy is Important When a biopharmaceutical company decides to enter the “European market,” it’s important to recognize that Europe is not really a single market.  Aside from having the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as common regulatory body, the European Union (EU) is actually a combination of 27 markets, each with a differentiated …