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File and Don’t Forget: Securing Intellectual Property Protection and Completing Regulatory Filings
January 20, 2020

When entering European markets, a biopharma company must do a range of important things, many of which we will address throughout this series. In this installment, we cover two foundational elements of any European market entry that can set the commercial playing field for years to come.  They are 1.) Securing intellectual property (IP) protection …

Cell-Based Therapies: 2019 Year in Review and Upcoming Milestones
January 14, 2020

Last year we examined cell-based therapies through both scientific and commercial lenses. Over the last year, the field has dramatically advanced beyond the recently approved CD-19 CAR-T therapies (KYMRIAH and YESCARTA) into novel cell types and designs with potential across tumor types. In this first part of a two-part series, we will review recent and …