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Introducing the Blue Matter Breakfast Club Series
March 27, 2019

Recently, our Rare Diseases Team launched the Blue Matter Breakfast Club.  You might ask, “What is the Blue Matter Breakfast Club?”  Well, it’s an ongoing series of quarterly two-hour breakfast forums, hosted by our Rare Diseases Team.  These forums bring together leaders from companies that develop and commercialize rare disease therapies to discuss critical business …

Precision Medicine Part I: The Science Behind Molecular Testing
March 18, 2019

Since scientists first sequenced the human genome nearly 20 years ago, we have all been increasingly enthusiastic about the potential for precision medicine to better diagnose and treat diseases. In oncology, targeted therapies against specific mutations have already demonstrated this promise, though only in the relatively limited settings where these therapies exist and testing is …

Building a Winning Differentiation Strategy in Oncology: Maximizing the End-to-End Stakeholder Experience
March 7, 2019

Part Four in a Series on Oncology Product Commercialization As we’ve written before, oncology launches are occurring more frequently, largely due to a rapidly evolving understanding of disease biology and massive investments in oncology research and development.  As a result, many indications are becoming more complex and competitive, with a greater number of approved molecules …