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A Framework for Successfully Launching & Commercializing Rare Disease Products
January 28, 2019

Regardless of the product, launching a new biopharmaceutical drug is a time-consuming, expensive, and complex undertaking.  It requires sound strategy, expert planning, and effective cross-functional coordination to get everything done right.  The analogy is certainly not new but launch really is akin to conducting a symphony orchestra, ensuring that all members play their parts correctly, …

Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward, Part Two
January 21, 2019

Part Two of a Two-Part Series:  Commercial Opportunity, Challenges, and Outlook In Part One of this series, we provided an overview of how the immune system can fight cancer, as well as the reasons it can sometimes fail in the effort.  In addition, we explored an extremely interesting class of therapies that show great promise …

Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies: Commercial Risk, Curative Reward, Part One
January 18, 2019

Part One of a Two-Part Series:  How Cancer Immunity Works & Types of Cell-Based Immunotherapy Until recently, cancer treatments for advanced disease were palliative in nature, seeking to reduce tumor burden and prolong life.  Curing metastatic disease was not considered possible. But over the past few decades, a new class of cancer treatments has demonstrated curative …