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Snap Recap: Webinar on “Pathways to Value” for Biopharma Companies in Ex-US Markets

For an emerging US-based biopharma company, there are many “pathways” to maximizing value in ex-US markets. These can involve various forms of licensing or partnering. Alternatively, a firm can choose to “go-it-alone” and build its own commercial organization in one or more markets. The best choice for a given situation isn’t always obvious.

Companies grapple with a range of questions, including

  • Why should we expand beyond the US market?
  • How do we know when it’s the right time to start planning an expansion?
  • What are the potential pathways open to us?
  • How do we decide between them?

On Oct. 20, 2020, Blue Matter led a webinar to address this question.  The webinar began with a brief presentation delivered by Blue Matter. This helped to introduce the topic, establish context for the audience, and provide some helpful facts.  The presentation is available here.

The second part of the webinar was a discussion in which the panelists answered questions from the moderator and the audience. This document summarizes the discussion in a concise and easy to read format.

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