White Paper:

“Snap Recap” – European Biotech Leader Roundtable #1

This paper is a concise, outlined-based summary of a virtual roundtable meeting conducted on March 26, 2020.  The roundtable was organized by Blue Matter and included a panel of biopharma executives and other experts that have proven track records of success in Europe.

In this first, virtual roundtable event, the group was asked to consider a biopharma company’s journey to Europe in three stages:

  1. Evaluating European Market Entry
  2. Deciding to Enter the European Market
  3. Entering Europe

Within each stage, the group was asked to share three things from their
own experiences:

  1. Critical Questions – What are the most important questions by stage?
  2. Best Practices – What did success look like and what would you
    consider best practice?
  3. Pain Points – What special challenges did you face, or what would
    you do differently if given the chance?

This summary document captures the group’s collective input.

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