White Paper:

Oncology Trends: Is Past Performance Predictive of Future Returns?

Over the past 5 years, several ground-breaking advancements in oncology have dramatically advanced the standard of care. These new classes of drugs include the PD(L)1 checkpoint inhibitors, the PARP inhibitors, and the EGFR resistance targeted drugs. Also included is a general trend towards more precise and targeted treatment decisions, driven by incorporating molecular tests and panels into the standard of care.  In parallel, we’re beginning to reap the benefits of “smarter” regimens which target underlying tumor biology via combinatorial or sequential approaches intended to boost efficacy and / or block mechanisms of resistance.

This paper consists of three parts:

  • Part I – We review key advances in oncology from 2014 until mid-2019, highlighting common themes which will drive continued success.
  • Part II – We discuss the remaining unmet needs and likely advancements over the next ~5 years.
  • Part III – We identify the organizational capabilities that biopharma and diagnostics companies will need to succeed in the marketplace of the coming 5+ years.
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