White Paper:

The COVID-19 Challenge: How Pharma Can Adapt and Succeed in the Face of an Uncertain Future

The COVID-19 pandemic is highly disruptive to individuals, governments, and industries around the world.  This paper takes a look at how COVID-19 could impact a range of stakeholders and components within the healthcare system. It also outlines implications and recommendations from the pharmaceutical / biotech industry’s perspective.

  1. Customer Landscape Impact / Implications for Biopharma
    1. Patients
    2. Healthcare Providers
    3. Healthcare Sites
    4. Treatment Patterns and Decision-Making
  2. Drug Development and Commercialization Impact / Implications for Biopharma
    1. Clinical Trials / Data Generation
    2. Manufacturing and Supply Chain
    3. Regulatory / Reimbursement / Access
  3. Pharma Workforce Impact
    1. Individual Level
    2. Team / Functional Group Level
    3. Corporate Level
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