Europe is an extremely attractive market with more than 500 million people and more than $140 billion in annual branded pharmaceutical sales. However, it is also highly complex and launching a new product or company there is not easy.

Pathfinder is an integrated suite of capabilities that Blue Matter offers to help biopharma companies enter European markets and maximize their success.

Offerings encompass three key components, outlined below.

Strategy and Roadmap

Blue Matter helps companies considering European market entry establish their vision, define success, evaluate opportunities, and develop integrated market entry and product strategies. Our strategic work helps clients answer critical questions in six key areas so they can move forward with confidence:

  • Vision, Opportunity and Entry Strategy: What is the opportunity and our strategy for Europe?
  • Authorization: What evidence do I need for Europe and how do I generate it? How do I get my product approved and endorsed across Europe?
  • Access: How do I make my product available to patients across Europe?
  • Adoption: How do I realize adoption of the product?
  • People: What team do I need in place, where, and by when?
  • Infrastructure: What infrastructure do I need, what do I outsource, when & how?

Entry Management

Through its Strategy and Project Management Office, Blue Matter can deploy scalable teams to help manage the market entry process and first product launch. This provides a range of important benefits for companies entering Europe:

  • Peace of Mind: Translates strategy into action more quickly and efficiently, with less stress on the client’s team.
  • Confidence: Ensures that key activities and deliverables will be on time and in sequence, with nothing missed.
  • Risk Management and Cost Control: Provides the capabilities needed for success without requiring the client to make large and risky up-front investments in headcount.
  • Visibility: Enables the client to see across the full operation and stay fully up-to-date with movement toward launch.
  • Connectivity: Provides full integration across Blue Matter and the client’s functional areas, corporate leaders, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders.


Pathfinder offers a wealth of services across all six strategic areas. Many of those services are provided by Blue Matter. However, certain specialized or niche services can be provided through a network of partners for execution support. These services encompass:

  • Commercialization Services
  • Supply Chain Support
  • Regional Market Research
  • Executive Search, Recruitment
  • Financial, Legal, Tax Guidance
  • Market Access Research
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Supply Chain Support
  • Training and Development
  • and more…

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