The market access environment is always evolving, so Blue Matter adopts a forward-looking approach, constantly monitoring trends and working to predict changes in the access landscape.

We apply specialized market access expertise to drive cross-functional product and portfolio strategy across all key markets. Our robust network of payers, organized customers, and key access influencers helps drive the primary research that informs all our market access strategy work.

Market Access Landscape Assessment

Blue Matter continually monitors the market access landscape across key geographic markets. We begin every market access strategy assessment with a focus on predicting forward-looking value chain dynamics.

  • Patient Access Journey
  • Evolution of Evidence Needs
  • Emerging Access Influencer Assessment
  • Total Value Chain Assessment
  • Health Policy Impact Assessment

Access Evidence Strategy

  • Access Enabled Target Product Profile (TPP) Development and Assessment
  • Payer and Rationalized Trial Design
  • Integrated Evidence Plan

Pricing and Market Access Strategy

  • Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) and Segment Net Pricing Strategy
  • Launch Access Strategy
  • Portfolio Access Strategy
  • Competitive Response Strategies
  • Opportunity Assessment

Value Communication

  • Value Driver Assessment across Access Stakeholders
  • Positioning and Value Proposition Development
  • Value Messages and Story Development

Engagement Strategy

  • Payer Engagement Strategy
  • Organized Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Market Access Playbook
  • Market Access Training


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