For any pharmaceutical or biotech product, a successful launch is critical.  Launch can set a product’s revenue trajectory for years to come, and product teams can’t take chances.

Blue Matter has successfully completed more than 150 launch projects in the last 5 years alone.  Many of our team members are launch veterans who’ve led or participated in hundreds of new product or new indication launches throughout their careers, even before joining Blue Matter.  We’ve channeled that experience to develop a range of innovative offerings.

Our launch experience spans

  • Global, US, and EU Launches
  • Oncology, Rare Diseases, a range of Specialty Products, and more
  • Small Molecules, Biologics, and Others
  • NMEs and Line Extensions

Experience is Great, Insights are Better

Building up our launch resumés might sound good, but how does that benefit you?  We understand that no two launches are the same.  So, we analyzed a substantial number of the launches that took place since 2010—whether we had anything to do with them or not—placing special emphasis on the notable successes and failures.

That exercise uncovered a range of insights that we’ve studied, catalogued, and incorporated into our launch-related offerings.  When you work with Blue Matter on a launch, you’re working with a team that’s analyzed just about every potential challenge, and has thought through innovative ways to overcome—or better yet—avoid them.  There’s a certain amount of security in knowing that.

Launch-Related Services

Launch is a complex, cross-functional endeavor.  Our capabilities are designed to help clients succeed across the spectrum from strategic, tactical, and operational standpoints.  While we outline some of our capabilities separately below, it’s important to consider how they fit together into an integrated whole.

Launch Strategy

Strategically, it’s critical to “shape” the situation in ways that maximize your likelihood of success. We focus on helping you:

  • Shape the Market: Understand the market, how the disease is managed, and how that’s likely to change. Understand the customer segments, key stakeholders, and how to engage them. Properly prepare the market for launch.
  • Shape the Product: Ensure the product’s value proposition, positioning, and key message strategy will effectively differentiate it from competitive alternatives. Optimize pricing, access and reimbursement, and distribution.
  • Shape the Company: In some cases—particularly for emerging companies—it’s vitally important to shape the company. You must be sure its organizational model and capabilities can drive success.

Launch Operational Planning

New product launch represents a significant operational undertaking. Nothing can be allowed to slip through the cracks. Blue Matter offers a range of services to ensure operational excellence at launch. Underpinning all of them is the Blue Matter Launch Pad™. This proprietary tool and data set can be critical to a successful launch:

  • Contains a comprehensive library of more than 500 biopharma product launch-specific deliverables
  • Covers more than 16 functional areas and sub-teams
  • Includes recommended timelines and durations, based on industry benchmarks
  • Enables team to rapidly generate and customize functional launch roadmaps
  • Provides global, US, and EU templates
  • Offers a user-friendly tool to track and manage the launch process

Ensuring Launch Readiness

Throughout any launch planning and management process, we incorporate a series of reviews at strategic checkpoints. The timing and nature of these reviews can vary, but their key objective is to ensure that everything—strategic components, tactical components, key stakeholders, and more—are properly aligned and where they need to be. We can assess your launch readiness at any point as stand-alone projects, but it’s best to do this as an integrated part of a more comprehensive launch program.

Sound Strategy, Operational Excellence, Peace of Mind

Overall, our launch services are designed to give you peace of mind.  When you know your strategy is sound, all stakeholders are aligned, everything is on schedule, and nothing has been missed, you know you have the best possible chance for success.


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