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Peak Performance

Posted by on October 11th, 2016.

Blue Matter worked with a leading biotech company to improve the performance of a marketed cardiovascular drug through local market segmentation and customized tactical execution to drive growth in discrete local markets.

Once a product brand is launched and commercially available, brand teams’ primary goal is to reach peak performance, and to get there fast. There are a number of factors that impact the growth trajectory and performance of a brand, including: order of market entry, level of unmet need addressed, meaningful differentiation from competitors, and the overall reaction and perception about the product among target customers and stakeholders. While some of these factors may be impossible or difficult to change post-launch, there are a number of ways in which commercial teams can contribute to improving brand performance. Blue Matter assists brand teams in this in-line, growth period with a focus on three specific categories that have the most significant impact on brand performance:

  • Positioning/Re-positioning and Message Customization
  • Market Access Optimization
  • Customer Engagement (at the local market level)

In this example, Blue Matter worked with the client team to conduct an in-depth assessment of a pilot local market segment, using data to assess the impact of variable access situation and provider preference on the product share. Based on this assessment, the client was able to analyze the situation at the national level and divide the market into discrete local market segments for which custom marketing, access/reimbursement and sales strategies and tactical programs were developed.