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Professional development is a priority at Blue Matter. We believe in helping all team members learn, develop, and grow. That’s why, in October 2017 we launched Blue Matter Academy.

Guiding Philosophy

Blue Matter Academy is not about “cramming” or bombarding people with content in a one-way flow of information. Instead, we create experiences to facilitate learning. Our vision is to provide the best learning and development opportunities of any consulting firm our size. We encourage team members across all levels and roles to engage with each other in a continuous learning journey to drive growth in key consulting and broad professional skills. Blue Matter Academy is one part of how we’re focused on building a learning organization.

The Make an Impact Competency Model

The Make an Impact Competency Model is the foundation for all Blue Matter Academy programs. It is made up of 12 core skills segmented into two categories:

  • Client Impact: skills necessary to work effectively with our clients
  • Blue Matter Impact: skills necessary to build our internal team and the firm

Each category contains sub-categories and many related skills. Some Academy learning programs focus on the skills needed for consulting and project delivery; others center on skills such as leadership, negotiation, verbal and non-verbal communication, and collaboration.

For those who manage teams, Blue Matter Academy is developing an exciting new Manager Curriculum for first time and tenured managers. Program content will focus on how to effectively manage both the process and people elements of projects.

Key Learning Programs

A key program for the Academy is its monthly “Ask the Faculty Forums” (AFFs). During these hour-long global sessions, team experts in key skills lead discussions around the real-world applications and best-practice implementation of these skills. All attendees are encouraged to contribute. Through AFFs, we expand our individual and collective knowledge.

Blue Matter Learning augments its monthly programs with live workshops at the firm’s trimester regional meetings and annual offsite. These workshops also emphasize key skills but are focused on practicing in a safe learning environment.

Learning involves more than just Blue Matter Academy’s structured programs. A range of team-directed regional Lunch and Learn (US) and Food for Thought (EU) programs provide additional learning opportunities. These focus on domain expertise, ranging from best practices for using technology to scientific updates in specific therapeutic areas.