Why do products sometimes fail from a commercial standpoint?  A fundamental cause is a poorly designed clinical development plan neither meets customer needs nor adequately differentiates the product.

Shaping a successful product must start early in new product planning with a sound, strategic target product profile (TPP).  Blue Matter’s approach to developing—and refining—TPPs combines:

  • Commercial perspectives needed for market success
  • Clinical and regulatory expertise to clear hurdles, while simultaneously supporting commercial needs

Target Product Profile:  A Critical Strategic Roadmap

We help develop a product’s TPP very early in the development process, and then refine it as time progresses and certainty around key data increases.  The TPP lays the fundamental groundwork for a range of other strategic documents and decisions, including:

  • Competitive / Market Assessment
  • Positioning and Key Message Strategy
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Clinical Program Design
  • Pricing Strategy and Payer Value Proposition
  • Revenue Forecasts

The TPP also help align internal stakeholders and facilitates ongoing communication throughout clinical development.  Blue Matter is highly adept at building TPPs, as well as developing all the related strategic plans.

Developing the Ideal Target Product Profile

Every product and situation is different, but Blue Matter’s skills, tools, and processes ensure that we help customers get it right every time:

  • Analysis – Before strategy development begins, it’s important to build the fact base. Blue Matter helps clients greatly boost their understanding of the therapeutic area in question, the current market situation, the competitive environment, and how all those factors are likely to change as time progresses.
  • Internal Input – Within any company, numerous internal stakeholders will have information, perspectives, and objectives that must be incorporated into TPP and strategy development. Blue Matter captures input from all these groups, including scientific, development, and commercial stakeholders.
  • External Input – It’s also critical to capture input from payers, physicians, patients, and others. Blue Matter routinely conducts research with members of these stakeholder groups to inform product strategy.
  • Synthesis and TPP Formulation – Analysis and data gathering are one thing, but knowing what to do with all that information is another. Blue Matter is focused on new and innovative thinking, and this is where our team really shines.

Our job is to help maximize a product’s likelihood of commercial success and optimize its lifetime commercial value.  Doing that starts early in development.  Blue Matter is the ideal partner to help customers prepare their products for success.


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