Once a product is launched, the brand team is responsible for maximizing its value to the company. That means quickly getting the product to peak commercial performance, and then keeping it there for as long as possible.

Blue Matter provides a comprehensive range of services to help maximize the value of in-line products.  We focus in three key areas.

Positioning and Message Strategy

We spend a lot of time helping customers develop positioning and key message strategies as a part of new product planning. Sometimes—particularly when we weren’t involved earlier in the process—we’re asked to help update or improve these strategies for in-line products.

Market conditions and competitive environments do change. Sometimes those changes require strategic adjustments, and other times they require a more comprehensive repositioning.

Market Access

Access and reimbursement continue to become more challenging and complex, and remain critical to any product’s success. Blue Matter helps clients optimize their access and reimbursement strategies in the light of numerous trends affecting the market:

  • Increasing levels of payer control, with a greater focus on value-based pricing
  • Increasing use of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and real-world evidence (RWE)
  • The rise of combination therapies and companion diagnostics, particularly in oncology
  • The ongoing evolution of treatment pathways, their importance, and their impact on treatment decisions
  • The increasing diversity of customer types and the changing dynamics of care delivery, including the rise of integrated delivery networks
  • The rise of biosimilars

Blue Matter helps clients understand their current market and competitive situations, gather and interpret input from payers and other stakeholders, and develop strategies that will drive success.

Customer Engagement

Strategy is critical, but so is proper execution in the field. In today’s market, biopharmaceutical companies must engage with a wide range of customers in an integrated and coordinated fashion.

That requires the right organizational structure, tools, and programs. It also requires ongoing communication between Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs, Account Management, and a range of other stakeholders.

Blue Matter has built significant experience in the complex oncology and rare disease markets. We apply that experience to help companies improve customer engagement across a range of therapy areas.


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