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New Capabilities

Posted by on December 9th, 2016.

Treatment decision-making in healthcare is increasingly complex, and is shifting the role, makeup, and priorities of customers within a practice. With enhanced focus on efficiency and value-based medicine, many practices have evolved to extend decision-making beyond the physician into patient care teams comprised of the MD, patient, advanced practice providers, and other HCPs. These customers require multi-faceted understanding of a medicine – an understanding of not only the clinical data, but also the non-clinical attributes such as price, convenience, value, and access. Blue Matter assists teams with re-defining and/or establishing their functional area scope and strategies in the face of a shifting marketplace and customer needs.

In this specific example, Blue Matter partnered with a client to develop strategies for a new customer-facing team focused on non-clinical needs for practices and providers. As a first step, we developed a prioritization framework that balanced customer and business requirements with executional feasibility. This informed the team’s near-term focus areas and strategies, and served as a platform for development of tactics. To complement the strategic plan, we developed specific metrics that would ensure accountability and pressure-test activities for their impact. Finally, we collaborated with the client to implement an ongoing communication plan within and across the organization to gain alignment on the team’s focus areas, strategies, and progress.