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Building Blocks

Posted by on October 16th, 2016.

Blue Matter worked with a mid-sized oncology diagnostic company to assist in the planning and development of Ex-US infrastructure and organizational capabilities to drive international growth.
As companies expand their product portfolios and enter new markets (new segments or geographies), they face a significant challenge in growing their commercial infrastructure and capabilities required to support the needs of the growing product portfolio and the markets they enter into. These companies not only need to develop a new organizational design and business mode, they also need to enhance the capabilities and expertise of the people on the various teams and support the teams with the required processes and tools. Blue Matter has assisted companies in these stages of growth by helping develop new organizational models, capabilities and business processes customized for their specific needs and situations but based on industry best practices with respect to achieving commercial excellence.

In this specific example with the mid-size diagnostic company looking for growth outside the US, the Blue Matter team worked with the senior management team to help develop a new organizational model, capabilities and processes for the international organization. As a first step, our team helped clarify the Ex-US strategy for the company and identified the specific commercial capability and infrastructure requirements in each of the key markets. In the next step, the team helped develop a new organization model and identified specific roles and responsibilities across functional areas. The final phase of the project was focused on ensuring that the entire organization had a clear transition plan to the new model and the required training in preparation for the new processes and responsibilities.